Last week, I had the great pleasure of attending and speaking at CRMUG’s Summit EMEA conference in Amsterdam.

One of the talks I did with Simon Whitson was about a Dynamics 365 feature called Voice of the Customer (aka ‘VoC’.)  This is an add-on for Dynamics 365 / CRM that allows you to design and send surveys to your customers from within Dynamics 365.  Survey results come back into Dynamics 365 automatically and can be directly linked to the customer that completed the survey.  You can even embed customer information from Dynamics 365 into survey questions to personalise the surveys you send.

What’s more, the licence and running costs for using Voice of the Customer are included in all Dynamics 365 Enterprise plans.  So it’s essentially ‘free’ if you’re already a Dynamics 365 subscriber.  What’s not to like?

Below are the slides that Simon and I wrote for our presentation ‘Getting to Know Your Customers – Introduction to Voice of the Customer’.  

In our presentation, we went through the basics of setting up your first survey; from initial planning and design through to publishing and distributing the survey, getting responses and analysing the results.  We also went through our ‘5-step plan to a successful survey’, which are the steps we recommend for planning and executing successful surveys.  Finally, we covered some top tips that we’ve learned along our journey with VoC.

In addition to the slides we went through in the talk, we have also added some supporting information at the back of the deck.  This includes the initial set up of Voice of the Customer and links to more resources that are useful when you’re getting started.

I hope you find the slides useful and are tempted to give Voice of the Customer a try.  If you attended our talk, we’d be really pleased to find out what you thought.

If you don’t already have access to Dynamics 365 but want to try it and Voice of the Customer, sign up for a free 30-day trial.  Then simply install the Voice of the Customer managed solution from the Office 365 / Dynamics 365 Admin center – screenshots showing how to do this are in the deck.

If you attended Summit EMEA, don’t forget that slides from most sessions are also available on the Summit EMEA mobile app (available from all good app stores.)  See the Summit website for more details.

If you didn’t attend Summit EMEA this time but you’d like to know more about the great content shown across the three days of the conference, head over to  Also register your interest for Summit EMEA 2018 – I’ll see you there!

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